The Engineer’s Guide to Romance. An Orientation Dating Guide

Welcome, freshmen! I want to imagine, you merely surely got to MIT and you’re seeking a hook-up. The only issue is you don’t know very well what the hell you’re doing. Well, that is why I’m right right here that will help you. Should you want to get anywhere with anybody during orientation, follow this guide:

1. Private hygiene goes a good way. You’d genuinely believe that individuals would’ve discovered this in wellness course, however it’s amazing just just how lots of people can just plain forget when they’re coding for 72 hours directly.

2. Be friendly. Initiating conversation is half the battle. Everybody else the following is just like clueless, lost, and desperate to fulfill people when you are. Go right ahead and introduce your self. That is applicable similarly to both women and men.

3. Be interesting. If initiating conversation is half the battle, then keeping this is the last half. In case your life is really as boring and bland as Al Gore’s character, head to # 4.

4. Make inquiries. If I’ve discovered nothing else, I at the very least understand this: individuals want to discuss by themselves. A whole lot. Be curious and progress to know very well what this individual is enjoy.

5. Don’t forget names. There isn’t any larger insult.

Well, i suppose calling them fat, unsightly, and stupid might be even even worse.

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