Ask Amy: my spouse claims she’ll move without me personally, but i do believe she’s bluffing

DEAR AMY: we never ever thought I would personally be composing for you.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

My family and I come in our eighties, hitched for over three decades, with grown young ones from previous marriages.

My spouse arrived to become personally listed on me as soon as we had been hitched, leaving her work plus some family members.

She had resided within my area formerly and now we had shared buddies.

Now she claims it is her turn: She would like to go 400 kilometers away to be near to her son. We get on fine with him and their family members. That’s not the issue.

The thing is, i prefer it right here where I’m near to my children and lifelong buddies. We don’t know anybody where her son lives.

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