A self assistance anonymous social networking site with a sizable devoted community who had been addicted

To it a complete great deal and generally are most likely relieved so it finished.

A location for which you discovered individuals who might get both you and shared material together with them like concerns, dick pictures, life stories, spam, vents and sarcasm.

An incredible number of concerns and experiences had been provided and friendships that are many made.

Town conserved lives that are many might have conserved more but had been frozen as a result of sissy owners perhaps maybe maybe not to be able to deal with brand brand brand new privacy regulations and government meddling asking about all of the pedos.

Also, owner Kanjoya is greedy and certainly will get free cash from the frozen site turning up in Google searches.

An enjoyable badly modded pit for trolls and perverts but normal users were able to ignore that while whining a whole lot. Each Day. Additionally had funny that is intelligent depressed and all forms of individuals.

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