Co-signed that loan and I also have to have my title eliminated

We co-signed on an auto loan with my partner, and today I want to have my name removed that we are no longer together. He’s had the automobile a now and has been on his job over an year, but he won’t do the refinance to have my name removed, and i would like to know if there is something legally that i can do to have my name removed year.

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You aren’t likely to such as the response — the only method to ensure you get your title from the loan would be to have the mortgage paid down. Unless there clearly was fraud involved (and from your description there was clearlyn’t), the financial institution is not planning to enable you to from the hook. The financial institution desires just as much security as it could get. This is exactly why you co-signed when you look at the beginning.

If you’re able to persuade your ex partner to refinance, which is another option. If he prevents making repayments, the lending company should come when you, unfortuitously.

Whose title is from the automobile name? Whether it’s you both, your ex partner shall have a reason to refinance.

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