Top 9 Universities for Hookups

It’s Saturday night and also you along with your buddies made a decision to strike —a globe where bed room doorways are locked because they’re getting used for…studying, right? Fast ahead to your morning that is next. You get up in a sleep that’s not your personal. Time and energy to make that trek across campus and back into your dorm. You are able to rock the walk like Amber Rose did or hope no one nervously notices your wedges and mini dress. If you would like result in the walk of shame your everyday workout, check out a college with a even male to ratio that is female widespread condom access on campus and lax dorm laws.

9. Columbia University

Columbia features a health map that is sexual. A freakin’ map. The map has areas around campus and you’ll discover safe intercourse supplies like male and female condoms, dental dams, lubricant and a safer intercourse pamphlet.

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