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LINT Treatment


myofascial pain is among the most common complaints encountered in clinical practice.80 billion is spent annually on back and neck pain in the united states.
myofascial trigger points (MTP) are defined as small (diameter 3-4mm), Circumscribed and highly localized hyperirritable regions of skeletal muscle. Along with Musculoskeletal Changes, a localized autonomic dermal reaction occurs at the site of the MTP, including vasoconstriction, pilomotor response, and hypersecretion. latent MTPs are More common then active ones are difficult to locate accurately.

A procedure is Performed utilizing probe array to deliver high-intensity electrical stimulation to selected locations. this type of neuro-stimulation analgesia is achieved by activating extra segmental anti-nociceptive mechanisms and neuro-immune-cutaneous-endocrine network. High-intensity neurostimulation causes deactivation of sympathetic response through activating parasympathetic nervous system alongside with down-regulation of inflammation, improved microcirculation and as a result cellular oxygenation and enhancement of the energy (ATP)metabolism.

How it works

Trigger points impedance imaging (TPII)is designed to automatically identify up to ten most clinically relevant peripheral nerve ending causing spinal pain.TPII measures localized decrease in skin resistance associated with clinically active and latent MTPS the extremely small size prevents their identification by any imaging modality or clinical examination, TPII MTP’s impedance mapping combined with smart algorithms allows their accurate identification.
Utilizing an array of miniature probes, the computer-controlled device performs complete impedance scanning of the entire physician predesignated back region. it two-dimensional data based on the measured Properties.these are then reviewed by a physician.
subsequently localized intensive neurostimulation (lint).


Trigger Points Impedance Imaging Allows for Accurate and Objection identification of most Clinically Relevant Peripheral nerve endings causing pain.
The treatment plan developed by a physician is based on precisely identified and documented pathology and normally include 6 sessions of 30 minutes each over a period of 6 weeks, clinical studies show up to 90% Improvement in pain.

Lint Treatment Queens NY

We are going to talk about the belly button lint that accumulates around the region and gives out a fluffy feeling when we touch it. Lint treatment Queens NY Many kinds of research have been done in order to get rid of the smell that comes out of the belly button. Navel lint Is well known as a major issue for many people. Many times a smelly belly button is something that needs immediate attention in the light of medical help. There are many other symptoms that come along with this which are:

  • Pain
  • Itching
  • A scab around the region
  • White, yellow discharge
  • Swelling or redness
  • Fever

Importance of Lint Treatment Queens NY

The accumulation of the lint could be due to poor hygiene as they say. A human’s navel has its own tiny ecosystem which has to be taken care of properly. Surprisingly, researches have come up with the notion that the human belly button houses more than 70 different types of bacteria. Fungi are known to be a major visitor of the belly button. Most of these germs are the products of sweat, dead skin, dirt and other possible debris in a human belly button. These germs then continue to increase and are the source of that pathetic foul smell coming out. The smell is very much similar to that smell coming out from your armpits when you sweat. Surprisingly what’s more interesting is that the depth of your belly button is the determinant of how many bacteria’s can feed inside it. The above-mentioned factors then accumulate in order to give that unpleasant odor.

More important here is to discuss the accumulation of the fibers that get stuck in the human belly button. Navel lint doesn’t just feed on dead skin but it also is the product of the clothing that you wear. People with thick body hair develop navel lint very easily which is why it is common for them to have a smelly belly button.

Why Lint Treatment?

A good way to get this lint treated in Queens NY is to see a doctor and maintain personal hygiene as much as you can. For people who have a very thick hair body should shave off the lower portion of their body in order to get rid of the lint accumulating in the belly button. Moreover if there is some sort if discharge from that part then it is suggested that a doctor should be consulted

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