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If medical science is the aerial view of the human body then neurology can be regarded as the micro part of it. The best definition of neurology is that it is basically the area of medicine which deals extensively with the nervous system of the human body. There are two diverse branches of the nervous system, one is the central nervous system and the other one is the peripheral nervous system. Neurology in a broad perspective deals with the diagnosis of all the diseases that are related to the nervous system and the treatment of all those diseases.

In medical science, a neurologist is the one who is a trained physician, specialized to train all the issues that are related to this field. There is one major line drawn here which is that neurology is not a surgical treatment and is only inclusive of diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, many neurological disorders have been identified and they feature in the red zone owing to their deadly effects on the spinal cord and brain. In the modern world, neurology is such an extensive field in itself that neurologists look forward to specializing in their area of interest.

In the US and Canada, neurologists are trained for years before they actually jump into professional field. A study of 8 years in the light of medical college education is a must. A medical degree is then complimented with a medical internship which might last for around 4 years. Some parts of this field are so sensitive that certain neurologists need training for additional number of years to practice the art. There are many specialties in this field such as brain injury, epilepsy, hospice, pain medicine and many others. Every country has its own laws for neurologists and experts must meet the criteria in order to fir In the king chair of the profession. In Germany it is mandatory for a neurologist to invest one year in psychiatry. Much work is being done in the field currently and many researches are underway.

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