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Spine Injury

Spine Injury

Spine injury is often regarded as a spinal cord injury. This issue is often considered as one of the worst issues in the field of medical science because it causes permanent damage to the function of the spine. There are multiple diagnosis of this problem which include sensation, muscle loss and unusual pain in the multiple organs of the body which the spine has a direct connection with. In most of the cases that are reported, the issue starts with physical injury which is the result of falls, gunshots, physical damages or accidents.

However that is not the only thing that triggers this issue, there are many other possible causes like tumor, brain injury or any muscular disorder. Broadly speaking there are two types of spinal injuries, the complete ones and the incomplete ones. When we talk about the complete spinal injury then the mechanism here is that all the functions below the actual hurt part do not work. However, the incomplete spinal injury is when there is some preservation of sensory or motor function that exists below the level of injury of the spinal cord. As for the signs and symptoms of the spinal Injury, it is important that anyone who is facing them, consult a good physician really soon. The more vulnerable your body is the more issues you will have with respect to your physical condition.

The spinal cord itself is a constituent of many small bones, each of which has its own importance and function. There is a branch of muscles in the spine which has multiple functionality within it and is known as the myotome. This part of the spine is so sensitive that in case any problem occurs here than the rest of the spine muscles will get affected. Well, the damage that is caused is directly proportional to how much time it will take for that wound to get healed up. There are many exercises which doctors suggest for correcting the issues in the spinal cord.

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